West Elm nylon cord

Copper is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Equally just as luxurious as gold or silver (if not more), copper is rich and warm, and emits an air of relaxation. Not to mention it seems especially beautiful within a cool, bright space
I'm gradually forming a small collection of copper objects, and hope to add more. With this diy I realized how effective simply spray paint can be in helping me achieve this. 
Very eager to grab some things from my room and just go paint-crazy... so many possibilities.

This diy was for Recens Paper. I was invited by lovely Elise, the editor-in-chief and co-founder of the paper, to join the many innovative contributors by creating diy's for Recens blog. Recens Paper is a Scandinavian magazine focusing on fashion, art and uniting artistic individuals whose fresh and new ways of thinking deserve to be appreciated.
To learn more about Recens Paper, click the link above
To read the full article on this copper pendant light, click here

PS  A big thanks to Elise, and others who have given me offers and opportunities to work with them. Thanks to all who come across this diy, my blog, instagram, pinterest, polyvore, and etc. And thanks to all you readers and commenters, everywhere, who have even the slightest interest in the things I post. I have come across so many talented people through the community of the internet, and hope to continue to connect with these people as time passes, as well as meet new people to exchange new perspectives with. 


Andrea said...

Your blog is so nice and I really enjoy it, hoping you would blog more though! x


Kathrine Ottander said...

Amazing blog!